Custom pillow designs

Custom pillow design & creation at Eloise Trading Company

Curate personal style in your home with custom designed pillows.

Accessorizing with pillows is a quick and easy way to infuse style into any space. Refresh your favorite sofa with an unexpected print or bright pop of color. Pillows are an affordable way to try out trends and bold designs. Mix and match patterns, colors, sizes, and shapes. The possibilities are limitless!

Custom pillows are crafted according to your design requests and specifications. We carry a range of pillows options to fit any budget, and if you're uncertain, we're here to help! 

There's no need to limit yourself to two or three solid-color pillows… or worse, play it safe with the set that came with your couch! If you don’t feel comfortable with your ability to choose pillows, we have some tips to help you mix and match fresh patterns and/or colors. Quickly refresh your room with a look that is curated and stylish, but not matchy-matchy.

For pillows that are ready to ship or buy in-person at our Aberdeen location, view our current selection of pillows designed exclusively for Eloise Trading Company. Our selection changes often so check back regularly to see what we have in stock!


custom pillows

Here's how our pillow design and creation process works ...

Step 1. Choose your fabric.

We offer a vast selection of fabrics and trims including Thibaut, Madcap Cottage, Laura Park, Magnolia, Schumacher, and Bassett. 

Pick an anchor color & create a color story.

We generally follow the Rule of 3. It's best to incorporate three different colors pulled from other sources in the room, such as the wall color, the rug, your upholstery, bedding, or curtains. If you choose a variety of pillows in different patterns that share the same colors, the look will still be cohesive.

Choose patterns to mix & match.

Patterns can be mixed as long as each pattern incorporates at least one of the colors you have chosen. It's often easier to choose your inspiration or "lead" pattern first. That will generally be the largest pattern and the one that contains all three colors. The secondary patterns can have just one or two of the colors. 

A few of our favorite pattern combinations are:

  • floral + geometric +  solid 
  • check + toile +  stripe
  • ikat + dotted +  knit or faux fur
Color combinations we love:
  • orange, blue & rurquoise
  • navy, green & lime
  • brown, red & gold
Custom green and red pillows

Step 2. Choose your pillow size(s).

The goal is for your pillows to look pretty but to also be functional. The number and size of pillows will vary based on your preference and the size and depth of your sofa. If you love a deeper sofa, you can go bigger with the back pillows like a 24″ or even a 26″. If your sofa is not as deep, we suggest making your largest pillow a 22″.

Step 3. Choose your finish.

Welting or piping is our most popular finish and provides a professional finish and texture. Choose between a self (face fabric) or contrast welt. 

Knife edge is the simplest of the finishes. There's no fancy edging around the cover. Instead, it tapers to sharp, crisp edges and corners. The result is a very clean, polished look. 

Our newest offering is a flange edge. A flange can be 1/2" to 3" beyond the dimensions of the pillow cover. This creates a large, elegant flourish and can be self or contrast.

Red and green patterned custom pillows

Step 4. Decide the quantity.

In our opinion, there's no such thing as too many pillows on a couch. We love them all, every layer. Our favorite combination is two 22" pillows then two 20" pillows with a lumbar in the middle. If you like to cozy up in your sofa, think about going with larger back pillows and adding layers in front... or more to move out of the way in order to cozy up. Ultimately, it's personal preference. 

Step 5. Consider the fill.

Fill matters. The fill of your pillow affects the appearance. A feather-and-down fill has more "give" and a softer squish. Foam and other synthetic fills are stiffer and hold their shape better, but they don't look and feel as luxurious as feather-and-down.

All of the pillows we use at ETC come with a 95% feather/5% down insert. If you'd prefer a different fill, you can always purchase the cover only. Just ask!

Our workrooms create beautiful, well-made pillows using your custom specifications, often in as little as 2-3 weeks.

If you're looking for a holiday gift or special occasion, we carry ready to ship pillows in our online shop. Or visit Eloise Trading Company in historic downtown Aberdeen, NC. If you can't tell, we take pillows pretty seriously (as we should!). Our selection changes frequently so check back regularly to see favorite new finds. 

Last but not least, arrange your new pillows!

Once you've purchased your pillows, you might wonder, what now? Arrange your pillows by style for an effortlessly chic look. We suggest starting with an odd number of pillows that share a unifying aspect like color or theme.

If mixing patterns isn't your style, consider mixing textures of the same hue instead.

Arrange larger pillows to the side. Add smaller ones in front.

Custom Design Services

Need a little extra help? We'll come to you!

Sometimes, we all need a second design opinion or an extra set of hands. We're more than happy to visit your space, make suggestions, and help you achieve the gorgeous space you've been dreaming of. We can help with colors, rugs, bookshelf rearranging, and of course, helping you arrange those fabulous new pillows. 

For more info, send us a message, email, or call (910) 637-0307.

But most of all, have fun and enjoy your new look!