How to Incorporate Original Art into your Home Design

How to Incorporate Original Art Pieces into you Home Design

Art is a crucial design staple of most homes. Embellishing your home with original artwork enriches living spaces, adding vibrancy and character.

Here are some of our favorite ways to get you on your way to an art filled home.

1. Feature an Art Piece on Your Wall

Use statement pieces to redefine a room's essence with elegance and fervor. Hang a piece of original artwork at or slightly above eye level on a focus wall in your living room. It can be anything from a bold painting to a small framed sketch.

2. Create Art Vignettes

Vignette means “small arrangement of objects,” and you can create one on any flat surface. Showcase multiple pieces of art side by side and create a unique collage. You can pick any kind of artwork that follows a common thread and coordinate the framing for an eye-catching effect.

3. Feature Art Pieces on Shelves

Featuring original art pieces in built-in shelves can make for a fabulous display. Just arrange your artwork in any order you like, playing with the hues, size, and scale for a unique look. You can either use picture frames with a stand or simply rest each piece of art near the back.

4. Art on or over the Fireplace Mantel

Fireplace mantels are one of the best places to show off artwork. Arrange a few original art pieces to bring your fireplace to life and transform your space. If you don’t plan on using the fireplace, you can put a large canvas inside the firebox or rest one on top of the safety screen.

5. Turn Hallways or Staircases into Wall Galleries

Hallways and Staircases are great spots to feature pieces of art. Create a gallery wall with varied artworks for artistic expression. We recommend using different-sized frames or art pieces.

6. Light up Your Art

Illuminate art with picture lights to enhance splendor and ambiance. Proper lighting can transform your home's art into a vibrant centerpiece, enhancing its beauty and detail.

7. And Change it Up

Lastly, revitalize your space by rotating art in your decor, a simple change that brings a fresh perspective to every room.