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100 Questions About Sharks

Dive in and take a bite out of fin-tastic facts, all centered around the ocean's most fearsome creature: the shark!
  • Learn all about the great white, the sand tiger, the hammerhead, and many other shark superstars through more than 100 kid-friendly questions.
    • Which shark is the fastest? How strong is a shark's bite? Why does a hammerhead shark look like that? Find out!
    • Illustrated with colorful, cartoony artwork.
    • Jokes sprinkled throughout are sure to tickle your child's ''finny'' bone!
    • Packed with fun and fascinating facts.
    • Quirky, colorful format.
    • Question-and-answer format breaks down information into manageable chunks.
    • Informal, kid-friendly language is breezy and fun.
    • Sturdy hardcover binding.
    • Book measures 6'' wide x 9'' high.
    • 48 pages.
    • Ages 7 and up.

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